Do you currently own or want to purchase property or a building to build or renovate for your new office?

Take the next steps to make your dream office a reality.

Whether it’s a small building project or renovating an existing building, we can build to suit your exact needs. Contact us for a consultation and quote.

Construction Service Options

Office renovations are never ‘one-size-fits-all’ and neither are our renovation services. How much service you need depends on you. Our expertise is available in 3 types of service:

General Contractor

This practice is most common in building construction. Traditionally, the owner usually negotiates the fee for service with the architectural/engineering (A/E) firm and engages them as technical consultant in developing a preliminary design.

Design & Build Service

A common trend in industrial and commercial construction is to engage the services of a design/build company. By integrating design and construction management in a single organization, many of the conflicts between designers and constructors might be avoided. In particular, designs will be closely scrutinized for their constructability.

Professional Project & Construction Management Services

In recent years, a new breed of construction managers (CM) offers professional services from the inception to the completion of a construction project. These construction managers mostly come from the ranks of A/E firms or general contractors who may or may not retain dual roles in the service of the owners. In any case, the owner can rely on the service of a single prime professional to manage the entire process of a construction project.

Our Process