Why Your Office Needs LED Lights

Why Your Office Needs LED Lights


Looking for ways to cut costs in the office? LED lighting not only reduces energy usage, they reduce the risk of fire and can mirror natural light. Here’s why your office needs LED lights.

When making plans for an office build or office renovation, it is important to think not only about design, but also about how the space can benefit the company itself. One of the ways owners and managers are using to easily and efficiently add value to their buildings while also getting a better, more customizable design is to include LED lighting in their plans. 

Cost Benefits of LED Lights

An LED light bulb is a bit of a marvel: they draw less energy than a similarly-bright incandescent bulb, and they still last between 20 and 25 times longer than traditional lighting. These two areas of improvement add an amazing value for a company using a large amount of lights around their offices. 

While an individual LED bulb costs more than an incandescent bulb, the savings in energy costs quickly overtake the upfront cost. After that, you experience further savings from eliminating maintenance costs of replacing the short-life incandescent bulbs, as a single LED can last for the “lifetime” of many boxes of the old bulbs and not need someone constantly switching them out.

Environmental and Employee Benefits

Even without the cost savings, LED light bulbs can be part of a commitment to greener choices, since they don’t emit as many greenhouse gases as other lights and have a lower carbon footprint per unit of light generated. They eliminate the danger of a warm incandescent bulb potentially causing fires, since LEDs are cooler when operating and thus safer.

As it turns out, the light emitted by LEDs is also closer to natural sunlight, so beyond both the eco-friendly and cost savings, these lighting options make the office a more inviting and comfortable place for the employees that work there. Explaining this benefit as part of your office design can help employees feel motivated and proud of the company. 

While the change to LEDs may seem like a major capital project, the moment of a redesign or a building project is a great moment to implement LED lighting, since it will be built into an existing project and will save the company money over time, making the overall impact of the redesign or new building less costly.

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