Construction Management

Providing a cost- and time-effective solution for larger scale commercial projects.

Construction Management is a form of project delivery characterized by collaboration between the Owner, Consultant(s) and a Construction Manager (CM)to oversee the project procurement process for qualifying and selecting the project subcontractors and trades and vendors and eventually, the site work. Consultants, in this case could be an architect, interior designer, etc.

The crux of construction management is that the Owner retains the services of a Construction Manager in an advisory capacity where they can advise on design and costs from a construction perspective at the preliminary stages of the project at the pre-design or design stage, giving the Owners an advantage on budget control from the early stages of a project.

The services of a Construction Manager usually appeals to project Owners who have construction experience or are somewhat construction savvy and simply do not have the time manage every detail of the project but need a way to ensure the project is completed at the highest quality, on time, and for the lowest cost.

Construction Management services are best suited for these types of clients:

  • Project Owners (end user wanting to build a small building) who are somewhat construction savvy and/or who have previous experience with construction projects;
  • Builders, developers, real estate speculators (who are building projects for the end user) who understand the benefits as well as the complexities of this contract delivery;
  • Large-scale architects, project managers, small building owners, builders, developers, real estate speculators.
  • Construction managers are experts in the field and can save owners both time and money with their services.

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