Featured Office Reno: Moonstone Dental, a “Cosmic Experience”!

Moonstone Dental – A Cosmic Experience

What happens when the perfect client meets a Daring Designer and a Dedicated Construction team? The stars align, and something exciting is created. Such is the case for the recent office renovation for Moonstone Dental in Oakville, Ontario.

Moonstone Dental – A Cosmic Experience

Moonstone Dental wanted something out of this world for their dental practice and their chosen designer delivered. The design approach by De Style Design Inc. is unapologetically bold, using elliptical shaped partitions, custom curved doors and oversized graphics. The intent was to create a series of transitional spaces which gradually shape the idea of the lunar theme, prior to arriving at their “space capsule” – otherwise known as the dental chair. 

Moonstone Dental – A Cosmic ExperienceFunctionally, the bold accents are positioned throughout to provide an impactful first impression. Functionality is in no way compromised and all of the areas, sculptural as they may be, have sufficient space to accommodate storage and office cabinetry.

Staff and service areas are tucked away from the main treatment area, in order to keep all interruptions to patient flow to a minimum.

Moonstone Dental – A Cosmic Experience

Sterilization, the functional core of the practice, is highlighted by a bold circular glass panel, set within drywall and secured with perimeter wood trim. The aesthetic is designed to emulate a porthole in spaceships, including the stainless steel caps, to evoke once again the space motif.

In order to transform the space from concept to reality, many meticulous hours on site were required in order to map out the curvilinear elements and carefully integrate lighting with walls, custom doors and cabinetry. The Antham team rose to the task, drawing on their significant experience to ensure the project was executed to the client and designer expectations. Careful coordination was required throughout all stages of the project with the dental team from Henry Schein – to ensure that all the cutting edge dental equipment is accommodated and highlighted properly in the space.

We are proud of what we achieved for Moonstone Dental Centre in Oakville. Check out more pictures in our Gallery!

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