When thinking about renovating and redesigning your office or place of business, why stick with the ho-hum? Now is the perfect time to dive into some fresh interior design concepts that will give your space the WOW factor, create a better working environment for your employees, and impress your clients with a design focused on your brand’s personality. 

We’ve already taken a look at 4 upcoming interior design trends for the office such as bringing vegan or organic elements into your office space, using a bold color palette, and including diversity and work/life balance into our workspaces. Now, let’s check out 3 more interior design concepts for the office that can inspire a new way of looking at our working environments. 

1. Retro design

There are 2 ways businesses are bringing retro design elements into their interior design. One is by having the building itself be the retro element of their design. Renovating old mills or barns give a space instant personality, and connects your business to the past. Another easy way of bringing a vintage feel into your workspace is by using antique pieces and furniture that have meaning for your business.

For example, a recording company could have a perfectly restored, vintage victrola prominently featured in the lobby. A tech company could have a row of retro arcade games, or a magazine could have an old printing press on display. Reach back into the history of your business or product, and you’ll certainly find an amazing item that will give your interior design a retro feel. 

2. Rethinking the boardroom

How often do you really use your boardroom these days? With digital communication, telecommuting, and video conferencing now a routine part of daily business, the traditional boardroom isn’t the necessity it once was. At the very least, it’s time to rethink the boardroom and put that office real estate to the best use possible. 

What is now used as a dedicated boardroom could become a multi-function space designated for different activities. The boardroom could double as your printing room, or install a wall of storage cabinets to expand your office’s usable space. Another new trend is to break the space up into smaller spaces using retractable walls that easily roll back to create a larger boardroom space when necessary. 

3. The unconventional space

The word unconventional covers a lot, but in the case of upcoming design trends in the office, it refers to spaces that you might not traditionally have thought of as workspaces. In the design industry, this is also referred to as the “third space”. These are places like nooks under the stairs, hallways, and even window ledges. Modern technology has greatly reduced the size of equipment that workers need on their desks. Very often, nothing more is required except a spot for someone’s laptop and comfortable seating. This opens up your square footage to a range of possibilities you might not have thought of before. 

When considering unconventional spaces in your office, don’t forget about your employees’ needs for a healthy working environment. These spaces must include proper ventilation as well as plenty of natural light for workers to feel comfortable and productive. For example, rule out closets when considering unconventional spaces that might work. On the other end of the spectrum, and for the maximum amount of air and light, outdoor areas are fast becoming part of the “third space” trend, with balconies and even rooftops being considered as work zones.

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