Office Renovation Surprises You Need to Watch Out For

Office Renovation Surprises You Need to Watch Out For

When most people think of renovation ‘surprises’, the first thing that comes to their minds is home remodeling disasters — much like what you see on TV. Most people don’t realize that commercial remodels can be just as prone to surprises and disasters as residential ones are — and a lot of them are pretty similar. 

These are some of the top ‘surprises’ you should look out for when doing a commercial remodel:

  • Asbestos. If you’re doing a remodel on an older building, this little hidden gem could be lurking behind those walls or in that ceiling. Be sure to have the number of a good professional handy in case you run into this. 
  • Water Damage. This may not be as easy to spot in a commercial space as it is in a residence, especially if it’s a space that’s in a large centre — the damage can occur between the walls and in places where you can’t easily see because it’s covered by say, a retail store’s shelving system. Having a mold removal specialist on hand is key, just in case. 
  • Structural damage. Commercial spaces are prone to a lot of abuse, and as with water damages, this is something that can be hidden until you rip everything apart. 
  • Prior remodeling foul-ups. If you’re not the first person to remodel a space, you always run the risk of not knowing if the previous contractor knew what they were doing. You may just end up spending more time fixing their mistakes than on your own project. 

No matter what surprises might lay ahead, as long as you are well prepared and have the right professionals on your side, you’ll be able to handle anything a remodel can throw at you. Let us know what we can help you with today!


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