The Advantages of the Design/Build Method for Your Commercial Project

The Advantages of Using the Design/Build Method for Your Commercial Project


Have you heard of the “design build” method? Instead of hiring a company to design and then another to do the work, you can get one seamless solution.

In the past, the common method of doing commercial construction was to have one company design the job and to bid the actual work out to another company. The current trend is to hire a single company to design and build a project. The following are some of the advantages of what has come to be known as the “design/build model”.


Your business could save money by using the same company to design and build your project. In addition to giving you a better price for using them for multiple services, they will pay closer attention to the building costs while they are designing the project, knowing that they will be responsible if the costs end up being significantly more than their original projections.


When something goes wrong with a project, vendors have no problem pointing fingers. By combining services, you will have a single point of contact that is responsible for any issues that come up during the project.

Seamless transition

When you’re dealing with two separate companies, there is a lot of conversation that takes place between the two sides. Each side will have questions for the other, and a lot of information can get lost along the way. Keeping things in the same group will help preserve the information needed to complete the job correctly.


As professional as they may be, companies that work together on a project can have issues that lead to friction and dispute. You don’t want a situation where your project gets delayed or mishandled because the people who are working on it aren’t getting along. A single company usually deals with issues internally, and the customer receives the service they deserve. 

There are many parts to designing and building commercial projects. If your business is planning on doing a commercial project, feel free to contact us for more information.

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