The success of your retail store goes beyond where you put the cash register. Here are three important ways you can update your retail store concept and maximize your ROI.

Nowadays, with competition saturating the business world, it is more critical than ever that your retail store grabs the attention of prospective customers… and doesn’t let go! If you feel the need for a remodel of your store’s space, and the introduction of a fresh concept for consumers, what are some good ideas to keep in mind? How can you effectively target these three vital areas: your customers’ eyes, your customers’ ears, and your customers’ feet?


The foundation of advertising is visual. Therefore, it is imperative that your retail store becomes as visually appealing as possible. What are some factors that contribute to visual appeal?

Think of opportunities to incorporate digital displays into your store’s signage. Digital displays that change their features on a regular basis are “eye candy” to your consumers, and will draw them in. Think too of aesthetic details, such as the lighting in your store. Does it fit the mood that you’re trying to convey? Or perhaps different segments of your store should have different types of lighting, corresponding to the specific ambience you are striving to create in each set piece. And of course the paint on the walls should be well-accented and pleasing to the eyes.


What type of background music is playing? Is it appropriate for your target audience? For many store concepts, it is vitally important that prospective customers feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Of course, some businesses may target younger consumers with louder, more upbeat music. On rare occasions, it may be better to not employ background music at all. Whatever the case, make sure you design your retail store concept to be appealing to the ears.


When we talk about the customer’s feet, we are really talking about convenience. Retail stores should be designed in a way that makes it easy for customers to walk around freely, and spend some time examining products of interest without feeling rushed or constricted. Clutter is your enemy, as are tight spaces. Parallel to that, it also may be a good idea to install QR codes next to your product tags, for the extra convenience to customers using smartphones.

If you invest in a remodel, you want it to lead to greater profits and an enhanced customer experience. Here at Antham Construction Group, we can make your vision a reality. We can help you target your customers’ eyes, ears, and feet through our integrated design process, and make your store an attention-grabber for all passersby. Contact us today for your free consultation.