Are you thinking about redesigning your office space in the next year? Here are three micro trends in office design you should consider.

When it comes to commercial design, there are major trends to scrutinize, such as active design, dynamic design and biophiliac design. But when considering ‘micro trends’ – elements of design that are showing up as part of any of these strategies – here’s what will be showing up more and more in offices this year.

 3 Micro Trends in Office Design to Consider in 2018Walls of Plants… in the office

Going green, or getting back into nature, is expected to be an overall design trend in office spaces this year. The bigger picture looks like incorporating textures and colors with more plants and other natural elements, but one micro trend with a specifically visual impact is creating walls of plants. In office spaces with the sterile cubicle configuration, changing the standard dividers out for dividers filled with plants makes a gigantic statement. For the offices that either do not have the space or the budget for dividers, a similarly effective statement can be made with an existing wall by adding plant shelves and hanging baskets with plants.

Added benefit of this trend? Plants work as natural sound barriers for employees who prefer to work in a quieter environment.


 3 Micro Trends in Office Design to Consider in 2018Putting terrariums to work

Those who have been watching home décor trends in the last few years know the space-saving beauty of a terrarium, and how easy it would be to utilize in an office with limited areas for decorating. Plant options range from ferns to succulents to carnivorous varieties, which are sure to attract attention. Thanks to their economy of size, their ability to house plants that are easy to care for, and a strong overall trend towards natural elements, terrariums are poised to be a defining micro trend in 2018.

Cementing it all

Another micro trend to pay attention to is cement. It may seem counter-intuitive to add cement to your commercial interior when all the other trends are leaning towards “nature” trends. But consider that cement has a natural component as well. It actually blends very nicely with natural greenery. Office designers are gravitating towards simple, low-maintenance and durable materials, which is where this element fits in perfectly. Everything from flooring to countertops, shelving, seating and beyond is fair game, easy to adopt, and low cost in addition to being easy to maintain.

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