If your office is looking old or run down, did you know that can affect productivity? If business has hit a slump and staff seems in the dumps, an office renovation could breathe new life into everything.

Upgrading the lobby sofa is not enough. To really inspire employees and get things humming, take the time to let employees offer some input. Here are some things to consider.


Did you know that there is a science to more productive space? Studies show that employees are more productive in open spaces. Yet there is a ticklish balance in being close enough to the resources used and still having enough space to feel a sense of privacy. If you opt for an open floorplan, strategically placed glass dividers create privacy while still delivering inclusiveness. Inward facing desks create feelings of connection that encourage collaboration. So, consider how employees perform their tasks and how a floorplan can contribute to greater efficiency.

Health & Safety

Ergonomics could be considered the “feng shui” of office furniture design. If ergonomics has not been a purposeful part of planning office space, a business is missing out on the benefits of carefully researched functionality of office furniture that maximizes productivity through healthy design.

Future Growth

A renovation is an upgrade of the face of the company. Get the decor right and a company should enjoy an uptick in productivity. This usually results in growth. That means you may want to factor into office renovation a future need to expand office space. Growth brings with it things like additional staff, corresponding office furniture, need for more storage, etc.


Sometimes when considering an office renovation, it’s hard to get past thinking about the cost. However, implement the right elements and you could end up saving money. Consider re-design features that increase energy efficiency, like lighting, air conditioning, and air flow. Determine if electrical equipment, such as copiers, computers and audio systems, should be upgraded to more energy efficient models. Consult a qualified electrician to inspect the safety or your electrical system.

Trust A Professional

If the goal is to improve productivity with office renovation, don’t get yourself sidelined from your own work by trying to manage the project yourself. Create a plan then trust a professional contractor to do the heavy lifting.

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