As commercial contractors, we often get asked for our opinion on what makes for the best office furnishings. Here are a few things that we find help when selecting the ideal office furniture. 

Buying office furniture can be a daunting task. You have to choose furniture that not only beautifies the office but also enhances’ employees’ performance. With so many office furniture designs, sizes, and colors available in the market, selecting a perfect set for your office can be an overwhelming undertaking. Let’s look at five factors to consider when choosing office furniture for your office.

1. Ergonomics

Did you know that one-third of health-related work absenteeism emanates from musculoskeletal conditions? Back, neck, and waist issues account for a significant portion of these conditions.

Why should musculoskeletal disorders be a concern in the workplace? If your employees sit at the office for the better part of the day, this can cause back, neck, and joint strain—resulting in musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, you should provide employees with furniture that meets their needs. Here’s where ergonomics comes in to enhance your staff’s comfort and health.

Every piece of furniture you buy should consider how the employees will use it and the level of comfort it will offer. It should integrate features like footrests, adjustable monitor arms, and backrest for chairs. Such furniture should also be adaptable to meet the needs of distinct employees.

Ultimately, office furniture that considers ergonomics has positive outcomes for employee productivity, wellbeing, engagement, and happiness. Plus, it also creates a safety culture and reduces costly absenteeism.

2. Fabric

Fundamentally, avoid choosing office chairs and sofas primarily because they have an attractive color. A savvy commercial contractor will recommend that you consider the fabric of the furniture. The material should be suitable for office use. When choosing a fabric, consider pilling, abrasion, and colorfastness.

Fabrics with an abrasion rate of 30,000 rubs are ideal for corporate offices. Choose materials with resistance to light fading, rubbing, and color change due to sweating. Equally, select a fabric that does not pill for your office furniture.

3. Multi-functionality

You can maximize your budget by buying furniture that can fulfill various needs. For example, you can purchase lounge furniture that can also serve for meeting spaces. Likewise, you can buy desks designed for use by a single employee. Else, one’s you can also transform into collaborative hubs.

Portable tables are great multi-functional furniture because you can move them around the office with ease. More so, this allows you to use the tables for purposes such as in-house presentations, training programs, and strategy meetings. Also, consider buying desks with ample storage for files and documents rather than spending more money on cabinets.

4. Aesthetics

Choose furniture that will improve your office’s aesthetics. A stylish office has benefits for employees that include:

  • Improving mood
  • Relieving stress
  • Increasing retention
  • Enhancing productivity

The above-listed features add to the excitement of the workplace while also helping boost employee energy levels. Undoubtedly, employees who work in environments they like are more engaged, happy, healthy, and productive.

5. Size of office space

Imagine the inconvenience caused when you buy furniture that is too big for your office space. For instance, a large desk that does not leave feet-room for employees or a big table that won’t let the door close!

When buying furniture, commercial contractors recommend that you consider the size of your office. Conversely, if you have a significantly small office space and purchase bulky furniture, the outcome is a cramped up space that will equally limit movement.

Thus, before you head to the furniture shop, understand your office dimensions, and work to maximize the space. What’s more, arrange your office furniture in a way that makes your workplace look spacious and beautiful.

So, furniture affects the comfort of your employees and guests—and subsequently, staff productivity and performance. Are you looking to build or renovate your office? Contact us to get started.