Is there really a difference between office furnishing and residential furniture for your commercial office setting? Find out more before you start your search for new furniture in the office.

You’re renovating your office or staring at a blank slate with great design ideas. A budget doesn’t have to limit your options, it just makes you consciously aware of the need to make a “smart” decision. You have hundreds of commercial grade furnishings ideas, but your budget falls in line with residential furniture. 

You then ask yourself; “is there any common ground between the two?” 

Our user-friendly guide will help you decide between commercial office or home furniture (we’ve done the homework for you). 

Residential Vs Commercial Office Furniture 

You want an office that invites your clients to do business, serve as a healthy work environment, and be a place of productivity, right? Most customers base their decision to make a purchase on: 

  • quality 
  • quantity
  • pricing 
  • brand 
  • design 

Your decision between commercial and residential furnishing will have a future impact on your interior commercial design ideas and budget. 

Commercial Grade Furniture 

Commercial furniture is often times sold in bulk (to accommodate furnishing an entire office). Bulk furniture options are a result of the perception that you’re buying desks, chairs, shelves, storage components, etc. for an entire crew. What are the benefits of buying commercial furniture? 

  1. Can stand constant use on a daily basis (expected lifespan:10-15 years). 
  2. Upgraded material (i.e. chairs, upholstery, desks, tables, etc.). 
  3. Easy maintenance & cleaning 

In fact, commercial furniture is meant to last well over a decade which leaves plenty of room for a lot of office furniture trends to come and go. However, many people will begin to factor the cost of office future (understandable) when compared to residential furniture. With commercial furniture, the result is less furniture upgrades or purchases over a short period of time. Overall, sturdy furniture will give you a longer life expectancy, despite the persistent use. Commercial furniture comes with an intentional design because the manufacturing furniture process is based on the knowledge and experience of the commercial interior designers and business owners. 

Let’s take a look at what residential furniture has to offer when you’re furnishing or renovating your commercial office space and trying to save money. 

Residential Furniture 

Residential furniture is sold individually which is an opportunity to find many trendy pieces. The frequent trends in commercial furniture could leave business owners trying to keep up with seasonal or yearly designs. A family won’t need 20 chairs to go around the coffee table, but it could be just what a business owner needs to seat his conference table. If you flip the commercial furniture coin, residential furnishing is built with less durability which contributes to the lower cost. Business owners are left with two decisions: “purchase furniture every 2-3 years to keep up with the trends” or “hang on to outdated furniture that’s meant to hold 25-100 of your employees and clients.”

Bottom line: Commercial and residential furniture both have something to offer, but your decision will be based on your budget, intended use, and the need to furnish your commercial space. Invest in residential furniture if you’re using it for accent pieces or for temporary use. For example, residential furniture would be great for your foyer or meditation room of your office.  

If you’re looking for strong furniture to withstand the impact of a thriving office environment, certain commercial furniture pieces will make a great choice. 

Commercial Office Furniture Ideas: 

  • conference tables 
  • chairs/couches 
  • desk chairs 
  • shelving/storage 

Are You Ready To Design Your Office Space? 

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