Are you planning a renovation for your office? It is important that any renovations happen as quickly and smoothly as possible so that you don’t experience any delays or added costs to your budget. Here are some factors that can have a big impact on your commercial renovation schedule.


Large renovation projects take longer to complete. Your schedule will be affected by the overall size and complexity of the renovations that you want done. You need to plan for this time, and make sure your schedule allows the renovation crew enough time to finish the job right. 


Depending on the kind of renovations you have in mind, weather can be a serious factor (particularly in Canada). If you are having exterior renovations, you need to keep the seasons in mind. Snow and rain will cause serious delays to exterior jobs so plan these renovations around the wet times of the year. 


The availability of labour can cause delays if not properly planned. In most cases work crews cannot start their jobs until the previous crew finishes what they are doing. Having one delay in the chain of subcontractors can have a wide effect on the entire project. When creating a renovation schedule, you need to be realistic about how each crew will take to complete their tasks. Your general contractor should a thorough process of vetting subcontractors (like we do!).


The time it takes to complete your project will also rely on the materials and their availability. Special, custom materials will take longer to acquire than basic stock parts. Certain materials will take longer to install than others. For example, it is quicker to put down carpeting than it is to tile your floors. Plan for your materials and understand how they will affect your overall renovation schedule.

Ultimately, it is important that any general contractor that you partner with has their own dedicated in-house project manager (like we do!). This will help ensure that the job schedule is made and adhered to more accurately.