If you’re looking for a fresh concept for your workplace, planning your next renovation with a Feng Shui design for your office could increase your property market value.

Interior designers specializing in office interiors acknowledge that Feng Shui principles are a good selling point for office property listings. Many people believe Feng Shui principles can take office renovation into a new sphere of cognitive engagement.

True balance attained through synthesis of space and practical use value in Feng Shui, makes the philosophy especially adept for office renovation. Invest in a Feng Shui design concept for your office to increase property market value.

The value of an office makeover

Inspired by East Asian philosophy, Feng Shui interprets “value” as good health and happiness. Feng Shui is quite literally a practice, not merely a belief. By channeling Chi energy in an office space, environmental psychology supports healthcare values.

Prosperity is a main feature of Feng Shui philosophy. Medical office décor should support the ideal of prosperous health outcomes, as well as business success. Free-flowing energy is the fundamental Feng Shui principle for design-in wellness.

From principle to practice

Feng Shui interior planning is a philosophical principle in practice. Consider the value of existing spatial features such as windows and storage in an office, to create a sense of openness, regardless of actual square meters.

Most offices are generally characterized by a conservative tone. Following the principles of Feng Shui, subdued elements eliminate distraction. Modular and ergonomic design concepts will add the most value. The more streamlined the décor, the higher worth.

A Feng Shui office design, is one that reflects lightness of being; promoting health and wellness in all who enter the door. Making positive impact on patients in treatment, a Feng Shui office design also convinces potential buyers of a property’s turnkey value.

Not ready for a full office reno yet? Here are some easy ways to add a little Feng Shui to your office:

Mapping public-private dimensions

Interior plans that channel positive energy, are those that exercise an open sense of space. Mapping the front office and back office to meet the demands of your clients and employees, as well as free flow of energy between front and back office work spaces, establishes Feng Shui principles in situ.

Map public-private dimensions of an office according to Feng Shui principles. Create illusion of infinite space, and longevity of practice. A unified, and harmonious patient care environment will also attract property investors, leasing to practitioners with wellness design in mind.