Having a productive workplace is difficult if you and your employees have to navigate through a sea of clutter every day. One way to cut down on the chaos is to implement effective storage and organization ideas in your office. Here are 3 quick ideas that can help boost your productivity and make things easier.

Get It Off The Floor

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with paperwork, the tendency is to simply lay some of the less urgent files on the ground; and more often than not, that’s where it stays for a long time. So invest in storage solutions that keep paperwork and other files off the floor, and instead put them desk or eye level. They will be less likely to be forgotten, and it’s easier on your back too!

Label It

A good old-fashioned file cabinet with labeled folders can be a great way to keep your work organized and efficient. Make sure the folders are arranged logically, whether it’s by year, alphabetically, or by content. That way you don’t have to unnecessarily waste time searching for files that could have been easily found under this system. (Also, this principle works well in the digital world too: label your computer files appropriately, and organize them into easily accessible folders.)

The Power Of A To-Do List

To-do lists have been around for centuries, and the reason why is simple: they work! Make it a habit to organize each day by a list of priorities. If you need a nearby corkboard to pin your list to, or a whiteboard to update daily, that’s fine. Here are some suggestions on how to unleash the power of a to-do list in your life.

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