If you’re planning an office renovation or if you just want to give your office a boost, consider incorporating some elements courtesy of Mother Nature. You can greatly improve your workplace by adding plants.

Indoor plants offer an easy and inexpensive way to bring the beauty of nature into your workplace. Not only do plants create a great design element for your office, but studies show that plants in the office also have many positive benefits for employees. Here are a few of the benefits of incorporating plants into your office environment.

Plants reduce stress

A 2010 study conducted by the University of Technology Sydney, UTS, found that stress among workers was reduced when plants were introduced into their office. Results showed that there was a fall in tension and anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue. The color green is also known as a relaxing color, which is another reason why plants help reduce stress and anxiety.

Plants increase productivity

Employee’s productivity jumped 15% after houseplants were introduced into their work environment, according to research by the University of Exeter. Plants in the workplace create a happier environment, and happy employees are productive employees!

Plants reduce sickness

Plants release more oxygen into the air, absorb harmful pollutants, and stabilize the humidity. Cleaner air is now breathed in by the employees, and they are now less likely to get sick or call out of work.

Plants make your work space more attractive

Design inspired by nature puts off a beautiful and natural look around the workplace. Design in the workplace affects a person’s decision to join the company. Plants make work spaces more attractive, and those workplaces are more attractive to applicants.

Plants reduce noise levels

A 1995 paper by researchers at the London South Bank University suggested that plants absorb sound. Larger potted plants can be positioned in corners and edges to help absorb sound. These plants help reduce the amount of distracting noises to keep employees more productive.

What plants are best?

Your local garden center will likely be full of exciting selections, but here are a few low-maintenance options:

  • Spider Plants
  • Aloe
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cactus
  • Peace Lily
  • Snake Plants