Updating your office? It’s important to find a design strategy that works. Here are a few office furniture trends to consider.

If you’ve ever heard an orchestra live, no doubt you were impressed at how smoothly all the different musicians were able to work together to create a harmonious whole. On the other hand, if only one instrument was out of tune, or one musician was playing off-tempo, perhaps you were able to hear the resulting discord.

In the same way, when it comes to office design, you want all the different elements in your workspace to come together for a specific objective: you want your employees to be at their happiest and most productive. But if even one element, such as the office furniture, is out of place, or even opposite to that objective, then the entire design suffers. So when you are investigating an office redesign, how can you make sure that your furniture is working in harmony with the other aspects of your workspace?

Playing Second Fiddle

In most cases, office furniture plays a supporting role to other design elements. However, it is important to make sure it is a harmonious role. For example, in a corporate setting do you want your employees to sit at computer screens for hours, with no ability to move around? Many companies have found that the traditional chair in a cubicle approach is actually a hindrance to productivity. So they’ve redesigned their office space to include standing work areas. Or, if you decide to keep more traditional elements of office design, what is the quality of the chairs your employees have to sit in? Are they comfortable? Durable? What about the desks? These are all vital details to consider for any redesign.

Furniture as the Soloist

There are times when furniture will become the centerpiece of the design process. For example, you may want to incorporate mobile furniture concepts into your workspace. You may want to get rid of those cubicle walls altogether, and create more open environments, such as a “long bench” concept where employees can sit down, stand up, move around a bit, and collaborate with each other more effectively. Oftentimes, a redesign like this will boost employee happiness, and drive employee engagement.

As an experienced commercial contractor, we know how to integrate office furniture trends into your floor plan in the most impactful way possible. Contact us today to see how you can change any discordant notes from your office space into a harmonious melody that all of your employees can enjoy.