We want to help you make and keep customers. Having a well designed clinic is one of the first steps you can take in achieving this, but it is also one of the most daunting. Customers will appreciate feeling more comfortable in an environment that they might feel is too impersonal and possibly intimidating. Here’s few things you can do to put them at ease.

Better Lighting
Poor lighting can make a space feel ominous or make it feel decrepit, but blinding the customers would further add stress, especially if they have medical conditions where the light might become physically painful, such as chronic migraines.

It’s important to keep the areas customers stay in as clutter free and clean as is reasonable. A messy or cluttered environment makes the area seem unsanitary and unwelcoming.

Comfortable Seating
It is important to have comfortable chairs or love seats for the customers to sit on if they’re going to have to wait to see you. Feeling uncomfortable will make them feel less inclined to come in and will make them feel more hostile about the wait when they finally do see you.

Passing The Time
Comfortable seating is an important step in helping your customers pass the time in your clinic or practice, but offering current magazines, free WiFi, and a TV(s) to watch will make them feel more comfortable and help make the most of their downtime.

Welcoming Signs
Adding posters and signs to your clinic that show the doctor or health professional’s name and a warm picture of him or her will make the customers feel less insecure and nervous about who they will be dealing with. This is especially important for first time customers who haven’t seen you yet.

For the customers to feel comfortable in their environment, they need to feel like the people who designed it were human, not machines. Things like flowers and fish can separate your clinic from the competition and add distinctive character that your customers will appreciate and remember.

These are some simple ways to make your practice more appealing – if you’re ready to take it up at notch, contact us for a quote for your commercial renovation.