What is the future of office design? Will we be working from floating pods or beaming in via transporter? Probably not. But as experienced commercial contractors who have been in the business since 2003, we have a few ideas of what the future will hold.

At Antham Construction Group Inc., we’re excited about the future of office design. The 21st century has seen no deceleration in developing smarter technologies, more energy-efficient systems, and greener building practice. We expect to see decreased waste generation, decreased energy and water consumption, smaller overall footprints, lower costs, and many other advantages. Here are a few emerging technologies and trends and what we predict the future of office design will hold over the next 10 years.

The Smart Office

As technology continues to advance, so, too, will the corporate building’s ability to monitor and manage itself based on the specific preferences of the workers within and/or based on industry requirements. Instead of relying on an outdated system, workers will have direct control over temperature, lighting, and so much more. 

The Live/Work Model

Marketplaces like Etsy have allowed America’s entrepreneurial spirit to escape the limits of the corporate office. Inventors and artists are innovating out of their bedrooms, and this shifting economy is giving rise to a model that brings together where one lives with where one works.

The Green Workplace

Innovators continue to impress with new environmentally friendly practices, such as installing more energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems, using systems that require less energy consumption, and even including on site energy production. 

The Age of High Definition

As video technology continues to develop, many aspects of the office space will also advance. High definition video allows for more effective long-distance collaboration, more discreet surveillance, and much more.

The Adaptive Building

Many buildings remain long after the initial occupants have vacated, but the standing architecture is not always ideal for the next tenant. The future of office design will put more emphasis on standardization, which better allows for an adaptive space. 

Whether you are opting for a new structure or want to retrofit an existing building in the Southern Ontario area, contact us to allow Antham to join your exploration into the future of office design.