Ready to renovate? Here are some tips to help plan your upcoming medical, dental or health-related office renovation.

Are you tired of seeing the same boring rooms every single day? Does your office look like a time machine destination? Do you wish you could wave a magic wand over reception area and make it sophisticated and inviting? More importantly, what do your patients think? If you’re considering a change from the dull grey and white walls of yesteryear, here are some tips for renovating your medical office, health clinic or health-related practice.

Ramp up your knowledge

Before you start, delve into the wealth of experience available online. Try Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. Experts are renovating every day and sharing their experiences with the world. Learn from their ideas and jot down the inspired ideas you think would work for your own space.

Become a student of design

Go online or stop by your local library and read up on colour basics. Which colours are calming? Which are complimentary? While you’re at it, stop in at a fabric centre and ask some questions about upholstery. Note the differences between durable, sturdy fabrics versus those that will wear out quickly and stain easily. You’re decorating an office, not a bedroom, and there are rules you’ll want to follow.

Learn about your building

Is it historic? A mid-century masterpiece of industrial design? On the DIY shows, designers often begin with an idea or style that fits the structure or even specific rooms. Some have been known to spend quiet time and “listen” to the space to see what it really wants to make it right. In the same way, be true to your space and what it represents. Sit in your waiting room before the day begins and imagine what it feels like to spend an hour there. What would be calming to you? What would make the time more interesting? What would inspire confidence?

Prepare yourself financially

You’ll want a healthy fund (at least 10% above your anticipated budget) for unforeseen problems, rework, and surprise requirements to pass inspections.

Understand that it’s going to get ugly

Keep your busy periods in mind when scheduling your renovation, and make sure there are methods in place to route your patients around the construction zone. Remember, any accidents that occur while your employees and guests are in the construction zone (even if not invited) are your responsibility! If you’re truly concerned about the downtime a renovation would cause, our 10-Day Office Makeover service can transform your space in a very short period of time.

Don’t go it alone

Some people handle all their own remodeling or act as their own general contractors, and others handle the entire project through a reputable construction company. If you feel overwhelmed and discover you’re not the next Design Star, that’s ok. No matter what, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do the entire job on your own; and in spite of what it looks like on Pinterest, there’s no rule that says you have to do any of it. Call for help when you need it.

Have you got questions about remodelling your office space? Contact us today. We’re happy to chat about your options.