Office design trends are leaving the boring behind. Today’s work spaces are full of bright, vibrant colors, geometric patterns and abstract designs.

The workplace environment is changing, and along with it, our ideas of what the word “office” means. If you think of an office as a drab space with white walls and rows of boring grey cubicles, think again. Office design trends point to a new sense of fun and vitality. In the upcoming year, conservative design will give way to vibrant colors, abstract designs, and geometric patterning. 

Office Renovation Trends

A perfect place to start with geometric shapes are areas like office kitchens, reception areas, and break rooms. Key features to look for in the upcoming year include:

  • Warm and bold colors
  • Contrasting colors, especially black and white
  • Dramatic design statements
  • Patterns and textures


There is a renewed emphasis on creativity in the workplace, and office design should reflect that with colors and patterns that inspire. Adding geometric designs and warm colors to traditionally conservative offices can instantly transform a space. 

Company Culture and Branding

In today’s competitive employment environment, it’s key to keep employees happy in their environment, as well as attract the best new talent. Does your office reflect your company’s personality? Adding a bit of fun can go a long way to expressing what your business is all about. 

If you’re not ready to go too far, adding pops of bold black and white is a perfect place to start. Even a little personality in design helps convey the company’s culture to clients, potential customers, and employees. 

An office renovation can breath new life into your company, and inspire both your workers and your customers. Take our Office Renovation Quiz to get an expert opinion and customized advice for your work space, and find out what a big difference a few changes can make. Contact us today to get started.