Besides choosing the right company to do your office renovation, you’ll need to decide whether you need an architect. Hint: Probably yes.

An office renovation can be stressful or stress-free. What makes the difference is hiring the right professionals for your job. Besides choosing the right company to do the renovation, you’ll need to decide whether you need an architect. 

Depending on the scope and type of improvements, you may not have a choice. Certain types of office renovations require you to hire an architect. 

When You Must Use an Architect

  • If your renovation requires permits
  • If you are adding more than 600 square metres 
  • Your addition is 3 stories high or larger

Why You Should Hire an Architect Anyway

Even if your plans don’t require an architect, you should consider hiring one anyway. 

  • If you submit plans that aren’t signed, stamped or sealed by an architect, you are 100% liable for any problems. 
  • Architects are familiar with current building codes and will ensure everything in the plans is compliant. 
  • Architects are consultants, it’s always beneficial to get a second opinion on your design, plans, and cost forecasts.
  • Architects can spot unexpected costs, conflicts with building codes, and ensure clear communication with the contractor. 

Myths of Working with a Contractor

Myth: They aren’t worth the price.
Truth: Architects are an extra expense, but using their services can save you time and money from mistakes. Furthermore, many architectural contacts put a limit on cost-overruns. 

Myth: I’ll lose control over the design of my building. The architectural firm will design whatever they want.
Truth: Again, Architects are consultants, they work with you. Of course, they will offer suggestions, but they will absolutely stick to your ideas it that’s what you want. 

Myth: Contractors and architects don’t get along. Hiring an architect will only create problems.
Truth: Contractors and architects work together all the time. They both realize they have one goal, to design and renovate your property to your satisfaction.
Antham Construction Group works with architects on a regular basis. If you are considering renovating your office or building, give us a call. We will collaborate with an architect of your choosing, or we can recommend architects we’ve worked with before.