Referrals are a great way to build the clientele of your dental practice. For an established dental practice, 70% of new patient growth should come from internal patient referrals. But besides providing excellent care and service, what can you do to build your word-of-mouth referrals? Here are 3 suggestions of creative ways to get more referrals for your dental practice.

  • Ask for them: So obvious, and yet…Your current clients can’t be expected to automatically know you’re seeking new patients. A simple referral card and/or a sign at the reception desk works, as well as having your front desk coordinator mentioning it at checkout. Creating a patient referral bonus system (discounts on services, products) can motivate your existing patients to become a powerful referral tool.
  • Patient socials:  Reward your current patients with quarterly, or perhaps more frequent, socials. Provide drinks, light snacks, and some sort of entertainment. Use the event to thank your patients for their business and show them how much you value them. This type of patient-centered thank you event makes patients feel valued and thus makes them more likely to refer their family and friends to you.
  • Broadcast your presence online: New patients are almost certainly going to look you up online. What does a quick look at your presence online reveal? Does your practice exist at all online? Getting a few 5-star Google or Yelp reviews can make a big difference. As well, a monthly patient newsletter gives your current clients something tangible to forward to their friends and family. Finally, creating a social media presence, using channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can give your patients an opportunity to share your content with their own online social circle.

As your clientele increases you will likely find yourself in need of a new facility for your dental practice. We can help with that! Please contact us so that we can help you grow your practice.