A new commercial build can bring great rewards, but it also requires a lot of planning between multiple entities. If you’re looking to create a new build for your office, study the following five tips first to ensure that your project will start off on the right foot.

1. Plan your budget first

Many headaches can be avoided right from the beginning by determining how much you have available for the building project. This is the time to figure out how much you are willing to spend on what.  Don’t get caught off-guard by unexpected expenditures; a good rule of thumb is to reserve up to 10% of the total to ensure that you’ll have enough for those times when unavoidable modifications eat into your costs.

2. Get your permit and research applicable regulations

Without a building permit, no building can proceed. That’s why this should be one of the first things you secure. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the regulations that you may need to follow. It’ll be a lot easier to come up with a suitable building plan when you know the standards for handicap ramps, fire safety and structural soundness, among others.

3. Have a trusted professional draw up a detailed plan

Don’t just choose the first building contractor that comes along – make sure you’re hiring one with the experience and infrastructure to ensure your project goes according to plan. A good contractor will build you an office. A great contractor will advise you on all aspects of your build; from office design making leasehold improvements. A superior contractor will also be able to catch any regulations that you may have missed and advise you on best practices.

4. Keep to a reasonable schedule

The longer a project drags on, the more it can cost. But rushing a project can be a catastrophic move. When drawing up the initial plans, confer with your builder to determine how much time they’ll need for the construction process, and plan on plenty of buffer time. This way, you’ll be able to easily meet target dates without worry of being behind.

5. A strong contract will reduce conflict

With all the entities that become involved in the typical construction project, a small amount of conflict is inevitable. That’s why contracts exist. The ideal contract is a document that outlines the responsibilities of various parties and how to proceed in case of differences. A lawyer with experience in this field will prove to be of great help in drawing up a suitable contract. 

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