Keeping up with trends and technology is more than having up to date magazines in the waiting room. Here are a few signs that you might need to update your practice.

Your office is pretty low tech

Some practices shy away from using new technology but this can be a mistake. The purpose of technology is to improve your processes and offer new services. So, essentially, becoming faster and more efficient, while offering more value.

Most practices benefit from updating equipment and systems, such as:

  • Updated record keeping systems free up time and expense of locating files and documents.
  • A new imaging machine is an ideal upgrade when the current one is not working well or prone to breakdowns.

From operational upgrades to new, high-end medical equipment, investing in technology can have a high return on investment, over time.

Your office is Shabby Chic, minus the Chic

If your practice isn’t getting the business that you feel it should, it could be because of the way it looks.
An old, tired office implies to the customer that you do not care about keeping up with appearances. Your patients won’t say it out loud but they take note of old buildings with outdated looks. While desks and wallpaper from 1982 may have looked good in their heyday, now they project a feeling of being tired, outdated and rundown.

For instance, have you ever been to a lawyer’s office? There are typically two kinds – a new, stylish and trendy office and one that looks like it came out of a sitcom from the 70s. Medical practices and dental offices are the same way. Some look like they were just built and have all the bells and whistles while others are stodgy and dull.

The average age of your patients is inching upwards

Maybe you have a steady practice with a few patients who are loyal to your office. But without new patients the business faces the possibility of eventually dying off. Consider your existing patients as a whole: does it seem like, on average, they’re getting older?

The Boomer generation is comparatively large, and now they’re headed towards retirement age. But the next largest generation group is millennials. Are you seeing an influx of 18 – 32 year olds? If not, this may be a sign that you need to upgrade your existing operation.

Millennials are more likely to be impressed with an up to date, state-of-the-art operation. They’re also more likely to be open to new services and medical advances.

Your employees are going through the motions

An outdated office doesn’t just affect your patients. It also affects you and your employees. If your employees are putting 5 days a week working in an uninspiring setting, it can wear on them.

Even something as simple as the colour of your walls can make an impact. How about changing to a calming colour, like blue or green? Even subtle changes like this can change a cold and impersonal office into a warm and inviting one.

When thinking about the ways you can update your practice, consider Antham Construction. If you want to update your practice or learn more about what we do, contact us.