Use this office renovation checklist to make sure you’re not just completely ready to renovate, but you have an easy, successful renovation experience.

Is your office looking a little drab? Maybe you’ve been psyching yourself up for an office renovation, but are a little nervous about the process.  To help, we’ve put together this quick office renovation checklist.

1. Don’t dive right in

It’s easy to fantasize fixing and replacing everything. Out with the old and in with the new, right? Well, before you get wrapped up in the idea that everything must go, take the time to analyze each aspect of your office before carving out the design. If it doesn’t need replacing, don’t replace it. Also, take note of how you use the space; if one space seems cluttered while another is looking pretty bare, try to game-plan how you can find balance. Don’t forget to ask your colleagues for their input either! They might have noticed something you overlooked.

2. Summarize your design

Knowing your project goals is a great place to start, but it’s not the sole step in your design summary. In fact, this step requires a lot of digging around to get the most out of your renovation such as carry out a work place appraisal or even looking into future buildings if you decide to move your business elsewhere. During this step, you should ask yourself what technology needs and storage needs are as well as if you’re aiming to go green.

3. Have a team by your side

Going at it alone is basically signing yourself up for more work and more stress, so why not avoid all that and conjure up a great team to help you handle everything? Look to your colleagues for assistance or even make one of them, perhaps a senior member of management, the leader of the project. Hire the right interior designer, too. Aim for someone reputable, experienced, financially stable, and accredited.

4. Set a budget

Before you go spending, you’ll have to do a cost analysis. Be sure to acquire quotes from your designer detailed with estimated itemized costs and based on office space as this will give you an idea on what you’ll be spending and give you a heads up if you need to take cost-saving measures

5. Select a theme

This is where things get exciting. Choosing a theme is what takes your office from dull and boring to wow. Are you leaning more towards something zen or fun? Perhaps a classic approach? Whatever the goal, be sure to get your colleagues in on it and embrace their feedback! Browse for ideas in your theme– see how other’s have portrayed the same theme in their workplace. Discuss the theme with your designs as well; they’ll be able to create a mood board for you to get a feel of everything.

6. Make the most of your space

How you organize your office will make a big difference in how efficiently you use your space. Going beyond placement, be certain your design accommodates office standards and be aware of the legal requirements for the design. You may also want to consider if you’ll need communication cabling and if there is room for potential growth.

7. Furniture is key

Furnishing and internal fittings are what’s going to pull this whole project together. As important as it is to match the style of your theme, it’s just as essential that you select reliable products. Stick to something familiar. You could always go to a showroom or warehouse to try out the products before deciding. Are you going green? Invest in energy-saving equipment and double glazed windows which reduce the electricity cost of air-conditioning.

Now that you know every step in the renovation process, you can begin your exciting journey towards a new, better office.