Thinking of an office relocation? Here are some things to consider for a business owner deciding whether to update or to move the office entirely.

All businesses grow and change over time. It is almost a guarantee that at some point in the life of your business, you will feel the need (or desire) to move to a new location – whether you are having lease problems, outgrowing your current facility, or finding your location to be less than ideal for your business. As with any large decision, there are a few things you will want to make certain of before you commit to moving to a new space.

Understand your total space requirements

You know how much space your business takes now, but you need to keep things like your business’s growth rates and how functional you want to the space to be moving forward. Depending on what those are, you might be able to rework the location you are in now to accommodate future usage of your space if you are leaning towards staying.

Know the budget considerations for both options

In the same way that you plan for multiple options on major purchases (business or personal), you need to plan for multiple options for your office. Figure out all of the costs associated with a renovation where you are versus moving to another location. Knowing the price tag might help you make the decision.

For potential new locations, investigate ALL site conditions thoroughly

Not all possible issues with a site can be identified with a simple walk-through. Check with the owner for the original architectural and engineering documents for the building. If they don’t exist or are not complete, pay for a site survey to get a more accurate assessment of site conditions. Depending on site conditions, this could take the location off the list.

Know what you can do with a space

Whether you stay or go, you need to know what work can be done. If you lease your space, make sure you check these five things before making leasehold improvements.

Move up, not down.

If you move, make sure the location and the building are better for your business than where you are now. If you decide to stay, be sure the renovations will put your business in a better position than it is now.
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