An office renovation is a complex construction project. Here are 5 questions to ask contractors being considered for your perfect commercial renovation team.

When planning an office renovation, you need professionals that perform as your own team members. It’s important to partner with professionals who become more than contractors. Here are some tips on what to look for when planning your commercial renovation team. It may seem a daunting task to build your own team of architects, electricians, etc. Here are 5 questions to ask contractors being considered for your perfect commercial renovation team:


During the interview, is the prospective contractor interested in your business ambitions? Are you actually being interviewed as well, the contractor searching for more than your time and budget requirements? Is the contractor interested in transforming your renovation ideas into a vision of your career aspirations?


Qualified candidates should have a portfolio of similar projects that have been completed successfully. Explore photos and request contact information for references. 


Communication makes or breaks any relationship, whether personal or professional. How do potential candidates manage communication? Are there multiple points of contact or a single point of contact? How is communication managed, via email, telephone, direct messaging, etc.? Optimally, there should be a lead point of contact with a back-up available should the lead be out of reach.


A renovation project can include a wide array of professional specialties. Who is responsible for the organization of these teams? Determine that the project manager is dedicated to facilitating collaboration of all groups, from architects to the final clean-up crew.


Challenges are experienced in every industry, commercial construction is no exception. A seasoned project manager will always have a back-up plan should the unexpected happen. Inquire about solutions to things like inclement weather, delivery delays of materials, and things of that nature. This will help you discover whether or not a contractor has the flexibility to manage potential problems.

A lot is at stake with a commercial renovation project. It places your own company’s reputation on the line. Contact us to build the right project management team that can deliver the successful outcome your business deserves.