A well-planned office renovation can transform your dated workspace into a dynamic, energy-efficient nerve center for your patients and employees. If properly carried out, an office renovation will allow you to optimize your productivity and create a more pleasant work environment for you and your staff. Below are five steps to consider when planning an office renovation. 

1. Go green. 

Conserving energy and environmental resources is essential to protecting our planet. Here are a few updates you can make during your renovation to optimize efficiency in your office:

  • Switch to LED lighting to save energy and money on utility bills
  • Install new energy-efficient windows
  • Move to a paperless documentation system to cut down on use of paper and printers

2. Think ergonomically. 

Today’s workspaces often feature a design that is open yet space-saving. Patients and clients should be able to move from the reception area to treatment areas with little effort. You can also improve your facility’s design by identifying storage closets or other areas of your office that receive little use and converting them to well-needed intake areas.

3. Improve your floor plan. 

Consider a floor plan that is more open and fluid will improve efficiency and mobility for you and your staff. For instance, positioning your exam rooms toward the front of your office reduces traffic and enables patients seeking routine services to walk less and be out the door faster.

4. Update your technology.

Enhancing your office technology will bolster your productivity and enable you to respond to client demands faster. Here are a few technology upgrades to consider:

  • A new software system that facilitates order entry and distribution of invoices
  • A new phone system that is compatible with your software
  • Automated marketing tasks such as periodic e-blasts and distribution of promotional materials

5. Plan for the future. 

Identifying your short-term and long-term goals is essential when planning a renovation. You can assess your projected growth by considering your goals in conjunction with industrial trends in your field of specialty. Additionally, you should decide whether you wish to bring additional practitioners on board in the future. If you are focused on growing your practice, you should leave room for physical expansion.

We invite you to contact us for more professional guidance with planning an office renovation. We look forward to helping you optimize your renovation results!

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