Being environmentally friendly is more than a trend these days; it’s a way of life. Beyond your own home, here are some ways to have a green commercial renovation.

Considering a renovation or need a commercial space built? Here are 5 ways to go green with it.

1. Use materials from sustainable sources

A sustainable source is something that is not in danger of being depleted. A perfect example of this in building and renovation is bamboo. Strong, light-weight, and highly sustainable, it’s used in everything from the structure of a building to the flooring. Hemp is another sustainable and very durable material that works well in construction.

2. Use recycled materials

Modern technology allows so much in the way of recycling. For example, recycling wood chips by turning them into wood floor options is one alternative. Another way is using carpet made from recycled soda bottles and other materials. Recycled newspaper is an option for insulation. Even re-purposing items, like old cabinets or wood pallets and using them as flooring or counter tops is an excellent idea and is very visually appealing.

3. Use zero VOC paint

What are VOCs? VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. What this means is that the carbon-compounds in the paint evaporate into the air when at room temperature. Using paint and finishes that contain VOCs does pose health risks, including irritation to eyes, nose, and throat to more severe issues involving the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. Considering the amount of time people will spend in these renovated spaces, using a zero VOC paint is the best option.

4. Use LED lighting

A great way to save energy and cut costs in the long run is to use LED lighting. In comparison to fluorescent lighting, LEDs are roughly 15 percent more efficient. They also produce the least amount of heat when compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights, which will save on energy costs associated with temperature control.

5. Use renewable energy

Based on what makes sense for your location, consider using a renewable energy source. Everything from the structure of the building to window placement allows more natural lighting and heat retention. Using solar power for electricity and to heat water is also an option. Wind turbines, in the right setting, are also available for use as a renewable source of energy.

There are several ways to go green when planning a commercial renovation or when planning to build from the ground up. These are just a few ideas. For more information and ideas on how to go green, please contact us.