When it comes to your office, you want to make sure the designer you hire is the right one to do the job. Here are seven things you need to consider before choosing an office interior designer.

1. Their Qualifications and Experience

If interior designers are required to register in your area, investigate their status. Also, use information from referrals to evaluate whether or not the designer’s experience matches the work you need to have completed.

2. Their Reputation

Talking to the references provided and checking trustworthy review sites will give you an idea of what an interior designer is like to work with and if they are the right fit for you.

3. The Quality of Their Work

Looking around online at their website and social media accounts (especially Facebook and Instagram) is a quick way to see what kind of work they do. Ask for a portfolio and 3D floor plans and elevations for a more thorough assessment.

4. Their Understanding of How Design Elements Affect a Workplace

A designer experienced in office spaces will understand how different elements affect the work of office employees and be able to articulate and advise on the best choices for your employees.

5. Their Access to Resources

An experienced and qualified interior designer with a proven track record will likely have access to a wealth of resources for the project that goes beyond their portion of the project, like their staff and subcontractors they work with regularly.

6. Their Ability to Deliver On-Time

One of the questions you need to ask references is whether they delivered on-time or were running late. A pattern of late deliveries, especially if it was within their control to prevent it, could indicate problems down the road even if other indicators are good.

7. Your Budget

Set aside a healthy budget for your office project, because a designer can only do as much as your budget allows them to. Also, check the average prices of materials and labor before choosing the cheapest quote to ensure its quality. Cheapest is not always best.

At Antham, we work with a lot of top talent. If you need help finding an interior designer for your office project, contact us today. We can help you connect to the right one.