As a business owner contemplating an office remodel or new build, you have a lot to think about. Take some of the load off by working with an interior designer. Here’s a quick overview on how to maximize your relationship.


An interior designer keeps devises and aids the execution of the plan. They are a trained individual with experience and (hopefully) a keen eye for design. An interior designer often has a whole crew they feel comfortable working with, or at the very least connections with various contractors and supply stores. Working with a professional will alleviate the stress and pressures of finding the right materials, designing the office, and keeping track of everything. When working with a designer, there are a few considerations to keep in the front of your mind. 

Keep your goals realistic. While interior designers are often able to work their magic, it’s important to remember you’re (probably) not on a renovation or construction reality show. Not every idea or aspect of the design may be easily implemented. 

Communication is essential. The more you open your mouth, the closer the outcome will resemble what you envisioned. The interior designer is not a mind reader. Speaking up about what aspects you do and do not like about the project gives the designer a clearer picture of what you had in mind. Emailing them pictures for inspiration is also a huge help.

Take your timeRome was not built in a day. The less both of you rush, the more simple mistakes will be avoided.

Capitalize on the building’s strengthsDoes your office space have a lot of windows? Take advantage of the lighting by growing plants! Focus on what the building already has to offer while conceptualizing your design. 

Find a designer you’re compatible with. Every interior designer will have their own style, mindset, and work ethic. Keep interviewing designers until you meet with one who’s style and mindset comes closest to yours. 

Working with an interior designer aids the entire construction process, from brainstorming to finalization. For more posts about commercial remodeling and design, head on over to our blog.