There are several different ways to approach a commercial construction project. The Cost-Plus model is one type of contract. Here’s how it works.

Construction projects can carry a lot of risk, both financially and time-wise. The overall goal of any building project is quality work that is completed on time without going over budget. This sounds simple enough, but anyone who has engaged in a building project knows this is easier said than done.

One of the many options when approaching a commercial construction project is called the ‘Cost-Plus’ model. Here’s a quick summary of what it entails and how this service may be beneficial to your next building project. 

What is Cost-Plus?

The Cost-Plus model is a contract delivery option where the Contractor can get started with work before the design is completed and gets paid for all construction-related expenses, plus a reduced, agreed-upon fee.

As well, a Cost-Plus solution can be a good option when there isn’t enough information to perform a detailed estimate or when the design isn’t completed.

When the CostPlus model is useful

  • Where due to timing factors the owner is unable to finish project designs and obtain accurate stipulated sum pricing prior to the commencement of work
  • Where due to project complexities it is not possible for the owner to obtain sufficiently accurate and precise specifications for a project, or for certain parts of a project, and construction for that project, or parts of that project, must therefore be administered using a cost-plus pricing arrangement.

Who should use the CostPlus method for construction projects?

Owners who want the flexibility to make changes as a project progresses. If you or your business lacks experience with construction projects or you are operating on a tight budget, you may be better off with a lump-sum price, since there is unavoidable uncertainty about the ultimate cost of a project priced on a cost-plus basis.

Cost-Plus is often used by governmental agencies because they can select the contractor based on their qualifications instead of the low bid.

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