There are 5 main aspects of best practices for dental office design to get your dream office that is functional and pleasant for your patients while maintaining your own vision.


Having an updated and innovative dental office that showcases your own aesthetic is important, but it takes a lot of creativity, planning, and setting realistic goals. There are five main aspects of utilizing the best practices of dental office design and the following allows you to have your dream office that is functional and pleasant for your patients while cultivating your own unique brand.

1. Have the End Result in Mind

Knowing what the objectives are for your dental office is as important as the actual execution of the project. For example, if you are expanding – what is the end-result you have in mind? If it is simply to help more patients, then your design differs from expanding in order to add new services. Focus on the end-result for a design plan that is executed seamlessly. The perfect design supports the objectives you have in mind so think carefully about the “why” of your project.

2. Functionality Meets Aesthetics

A functional balance is sometimes tricky. On one hand, you want a certain look that showcases your own style and the vision you have for the office. On the other hand, without the office being functional, you end up with a nice office that doesn’t service the clients properly. Your design plan has to incorporate clinical function, your aesthetic, an ergonomic design, as well as integrating the technology being used.

With an office that is functioning properly, work production is increased and patient satisfaction is met more easily.

You want a perfect balance between the two in order to be successful with your design.

3. A Floor Plan That is Functional

The floor plan is one of the major components when it comes to dental office design. What is needed is that perfect balance that allows room for growth but doesn’t waste office space. You also need an environment that is comfortable for your patients as well as the staff – one that has an easy flow between rooms but is not too cramped or tight. In that same vein, you also do not want a lot of empty space that makes your office feel emotionally cold or uncomfortable.

Make sure your design plans fulfills the need for a good flow between offices and foot traffic that is comfortable and uncrowded.

4. Updated Equipment is Incorporated

Keeping up with the current technology is integral for any dental office. Studies have shown that the practices that incorporates updated technology show better profits even during an economic downturn.

Updated equipment not only allows better patient services but it makes it easier on the staff and doctors. It also shows current patient and potential patients that the office is on the cutting-edge of providing excellent care.

Ensure that your new design has room for technological growth within the office.

5. A Look That is Attractive Yet Professional

Last but not least, it is imperative to create a design that is appealing to you as well as everyone else. You want it to be professional yet contemporary and perhaps even unique. However, you don’t want your design to be off-putting or so far “out there” that it alienates your current customers. There has to be a fine line between making it appealing yet still maintaining a look that is professional and confident.

After you have made the decision to redesign, upgrade, expand, or build a new dental practice, Antham Construction is the place to call. We specialize in a variety of construction projects, including dental practices and will help you bring your vision to life. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help.