Are you in the process of choosing the perfect location for your business? Make sure you’re choosing a practical location that will fit your needs. 

When you open or move your business, a critical aspect is the location. How will people be able to find you? Are you in a neighborhood that’s convenient for your customers, or do customers struggle to get to your location? Here are four steps to deciding if a location is right for you.

Step One: Look Around

You’ve found what seems like the perfect office, with everything you need. Now, look around: does the area have the right draws to bring in the traffic your business needs? Check to see what’s in the neighborhood. For example, if you cater to kids or to adults with school-age children, being in the same neighborhood as a school can offer immense benefit. 

Step Two: Evaluate Traffic Patterns

How does the traffic look around the location you’re considering–especially at the busiest times of the day? Will people be able to easily get to your new location, or will they have to struggle against traffic just to turn in? You should also carefully consider whether or not there is enough available parking to support your customer base. 

Step Three: Find Your Competitors

Here’s a pro tip many business owners don’t consider: if your competitor is already in the area, it could be the perfect place for you! Sometimes, the best customer traffic is traffic that’s frustrated by your competitor, struggling with too-high prices, a lack of customer service, too many people in the building, or other key details. Not only that, your competitor has likely already scoped out the perfect location and knows that this area is a great one. 

Step Four: Consider Safety

Safety is top priority for many of  your customers. Consider whether or not your tentative location is in a high-crime area (which could make your insurance premiums shoot through the roof) and whether or not you have adequate lighting, police patrols, and other key details to help improve overall security and make your customers and employees feel safer.

Choosing the right location is a critical part of helping your business on the way to success. If you need help transforming your ideal location into the perfect space for your business, contact us! We’ll work with you to ensure that your business has all the amenities you need.