There may be an actual reason for short tempers and grumpy employees throughout the office: your lighting. Here’s how shed some light on the situation.

Do your employees consistently have a case of the Monday blues? Worse, do you find that it’s hard to keep your office environment positive and upbeat? It turns out 68% of employees are dissatisfied with the lighting in their office. Unfortunately, not many employers are taking the steps necessary to fix it and light up the office environment again. 

The Dim Light Challenge

Dim lighting may create a warm, cozy environment under the right circumstances, but it can also lead to significant problems for your employees. Dim lighting can lead to:

  • Eye strain
  • Increased headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of focus

Dim lighting, over time, can lead to significantly decreased productivity as employees struggle with the challenges it brings. Not only that, poor lighting can significantly increase stress levels.

Harsh, Glaring Lighting: Even Worse

Many people assume that if dim lighting is bad, harsh lighting will get the job done. Harsh lighting may throw everything into stark relief, making it easier to see all of those critical details, but it may not solve your lighting challenge. Harsh lighting can:

  • Create eye strain
  • Trigger migraines
  • Raise stress levels throughout the office

Your Lighting Solution

If neither dim light nor bright, harsh light will work in your office environment, how do you solve the lighting challenge in your office? Try natural light! There are several strategies that increase natural light in your office.

Add windows. If windows aren’t an option, consider skylights or other sources of natural light. 

Use lamps creativelyLamps can add an indirect source of light that will make it easier to see without increasing eye strain. They can also more easily be controlled for individual preferences.

Add in task lights. Task lights over areas where employees need to create detailed work will allow them to see clearly without sacrificing comfort throughout the rest of the office.

As experienced commercial contractors, we understand that a bad lighting scheme can seriously impact your office renovation. Ask us how to incorporate an innovative, impactful lighting strategy into your upcoming renovation.