Renovating your existing offices or are in the market for a new location? Follow these tips to create a workspace that inspires employees to consistently do their best work.

It’s difficult to be efficient when you’re uncomfortable. Whether your chair is too hard, your desk is too high, or the light is too dim, anything that interferes with your comfort level can throw your productivity and creativity out of whack. This is easy enough to fix on an individual basis but creating an office environment that inspires peak productivity from the majority of your workers may be challenging. Employers want to provide a workspace where everyone will be focused and energized rather than distracted and uncomfortable, which can be easily achieved. While employees all have their personal preferences, there are some techniques businesses can use to provide a greater overall sense of well-being.

If you’re thinking about renovating your existing offices or are in the market for a new location, here are some tips you can use to create a workspace that inspires employees to consistently do their best work.

Consider the Layout

Open floor plans are all the rage in the business world. They can lead to greater collaboration and are more flexible and cost-effective than traditional offices., However, they may negatively impact your people. Distractions and privacy concerns abound in this type of setting, so you may want to consider adding some quiet areas where employees can work privately.

Keep It Bright

Daylight does a lot more than lower your utility bills. Having a workplace that’s filled with natural light has been shown to reduce workers’ stress levels and even lower their blood pressure. Keeping windows clean and unblocked by shades or drapes makes your space feel brighter and cheerier, which can have an energizing effect on your employees.

Go Ergonomic

Straining to reach a phone that’s just a little out of reach or adjusting for a seat that’s too stiff can be a minor annoyance. Added up over the course of an entire workweek, however, these small irritations can lead to fatigue and dissatisfaction. Make sure your staff has comfortable seating that can be adjusted to fit various body types. It’s also a good idea to ensure their workstations are arranged so everything they need is within easy reach.

Use Climate Control

Offices that are too warm or chilly don’t facilitate hard work or best efforts. Keeping the thermostat year round between 70 and 73 degrees will be comfy enough for most of your team.. An often-overlooked aspect of a building’s climate control is the humidity level. If the air is too dry, it can cause itchy skin and irritated eyes. Too much moisture in the air can contribute to sluggishness. Aim for a humidity level of about 40% to maintain a comfortable environment. And don’t forget plants, which are a natural form of climate control because they help purify the air around them.

Color Me Productive

When choosing the color for your space, don’t make the mistake of assuming a neutral beige or gray is the only way to go. Color can have a subtle yet powerful effect on the mood of employees, making it your secret weapon in designing a more productive workplace. For example, if you work in a high-stress industry, a soft green may help employees stay calm. A warehouse or distribution center might benefit from a bold red, which has been found to boost feelings of vigor and energy. Blues help promote concentration and focus.

Making your office space as comfortable as possible for your team members could be the extra spark your company needs to boost productivity. When your staffers are able to concentrate on their work without discomfort, they can deliver the best results for your customers. Follow the tips listed above, and you may see big improvements immediately.

Author bio: Tom Smith is co-Chief Executive Officer for Truss Holdings, the largest commercial real estate marketplace. He has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate and technology industries — specifically in finance, sales, and marketing.