Planning a workplace renovation? Good office design can make a difference in your employee productivity, retention rate & job satisfaction.

Your employees have to spend day after day in the office, the same four walls pressing in on all sides and the same sights, sounds, and smells assaulting their senses for hours at a time. The design of your office space is crucial to the experience that they will have while at work.

Do you want your employees to feel caged and alone when they walk in the door? Or do you want your customers to interact with people who are at ease in their environment, communicate openly, and clearly love what they do?

Open, Breathable Spaces

In many offices, communication between employees, suppliers and customers plays a critical role in customer satisfaction. No one likes to answer the same questions over and over, so it is essential for your employees to communicate effectively with one another. Narrow hallways and cramped office spaces make it difficult for employees to want to be in the same room together, let alone communicate. A central work area that incorporates high ceilings, lots of floor space, and plenty of natural light is the most effective way to encourage employee communication.

A Variety of Workspaces

Everyone gets tired of of sitting at the same old desk day in and day out. The most productive office spaces provide at least two workspaces per employee, and include couches and other comfortable seating as well as ample desk space. When your employees don’t feel like they have to be chained to their desks, they will find more opportunities for productive socialization, both with each other and with clients. And employees who feel like they can work together, rather than sitting at a desk alone, are more likely to stay with your company.

More Than Just a Break Room

The employee break room is supposed to be a place where your employees can relax and unwind, even if just for a few minutes. Too often, however, tiny break rooms with uncomfortable seating and bad coffee don’t provide much relief from the pressures of the day if the experience is just like the rest of the work day. Instead of throwing a few chairs in an extra cubicle and calling it a break room, work with your designer to come up with an area that will help your employees feel refreshed and ready to face the workday. And seriously, spend a little more on good coffee.

Your office design can affect employees. Good office design can make a real difference in your employee productivity, retention rate, and job satisfaction. Contact Antham Construction today to get started on designing an office space that will improve communication and help your employees feel included and valued.