Your office design may be functional and attractive, but does it represent “you”? Incorporating branding in your office design allows your brand personality to shine – for your employees and clients alike.

Branding is the unique image a company creates for itself to stand out among the competition. Businesses today expend significant resources to create their distinctive public brands with first class, leading-edge websites and distinctive graphic logos. When clients, customers, and prospective employees make their first visits to your office it’s imperative to maintain the unique brand image you’ve primed them to expect from your company.

A Unified Brand Theme

From the main entryway and open collaboration spaces to the private office areas, form and function should all be unified by the company’s branding theme. Anyone who walks in should know immediately what your company’s mission is and what you can achieve for them. Branding is all about raising confidence levels, and nowhere is that more important than in the actual office space where your company will be working diligently to fulfill and exceed client and customer expectations.

Effective Office Branding


A marketing agency with a team collaboration focus will tend more toward an open-office theme. Clients can see for themselves the dynamic brainstorming environment in action. Creative businesses need to lead by example, and exotic layouts and furniture can display the brand image. Traditional corporate brands, for example, legal or financial companies, might tend more toward a privacy-oriented layout with individual office spaces, supporting a more traditional, sedate, yet professional brand image. Tech-savvy brands might use a clean and contemporary layout somewhere between the creative and traditional extremes.

Graphics, Colour, and Signage

The brand logo, slogans, and colours distributed throughout the office maintain the unified theme. Artwork and posters can provide these when exotic brand colours are too bold for walls or trim. Identifying different departments and their individual missions within your organization with branded signage underscores the unified team effort your company provides. Interior colours reflecting the brand image don’t need to cover entire walls, but used discreetly they are the remedy for any dull “vanilla office” effect. 


Furniture appropriate to your brand is one of the most important design considerations. Office furniture is available in a wide variety of colours, finishes, and fabrics. Chicago interior designer Ruth Minnick of Rightsize Co. in an interview at the company’s website, reports that fabrics can even be branded, but she advises against such a permanent solution in case the company brand evolves away from the present theme in later years.

At Antham Construction we design offices customized to suit your unique branding requirements, whether it’s a new ground-up project or a renovation upgrade, so don’t hesitate to contact us.