In new office trends, the rapid evolution of office technology is reshaping the traditional workspace and smart businesses know how to keep up.

Technology is responsible for creating its fair share of change and requiring businesses to keep up with a new “digital era.” More importantly, remote work has created a new evolution resulting in a flexible office design to maintain your profitability and productivity as well as accommodate your workforce. If your business expects to remain competitive, learn how they can make the shift to flexible office design by reading more details below. 

In a remote office-driven workforce, here’s what you need to know

Say goodbye to designated workspaces

The days of cubicles and designated work areas are finally coming to an end. According to Forbes, “a new study has revealed that cubicles farms are ruining office morale.” As more employees are working remotely, the traditional assigned desk for everyone is quickly fading. In fact, many offices are being designed to cater to collaborative workspaces and unassigned seating for remote workers that are in and out of the office. Many offices are geared towards clustered desks which insight teamwork and collaboration. 

Smaller offices are reducing your carbon footprint

Offering more remote work has two key benefits: financially and environmentally. With less office space, your business is reducing their carbon footprint. Thus, less people in the office means less space. You’re reducing the amount of water, electricity, and using less energy which reduces pollution with a flexible office design. “If the amount of office space is reduced, emissions from electricity use are likely to be lowered as well.” 

More lounge areas and break out spaces

More people are finding it easier to work from the comforts of a sofa or bean-bag chair. Ironically, this means that a flexible office design is creating more breakout space and lounge areas for their employees to work productively. Not everyone performs their best work from the traditional desk and chair design. Ironically, a blueprint for the new flexible office design includes:

  • work pods 
  • meditation rooms 
  • soundproof areas 

The flexible office design is laid back. In fact, for employees that perform their best work in quiet areas soundproof work pods are becoming the norm. 

Technology is creating synergy between the office and remote workers 

With more people working remotely or literally working from other countries the flexible office design is meant to evolve with technology. More importantly, it’s vital to ensure that your new office design must have the technology features that connects your remote workforce with other key areas of your business. It’s important for your business to be able to connect from anywhere in the world. For example, more business are utilizing VoIP phones which allows your employees to make calls over the internet instead of through a traditional landline phone. Your flexible office design must be willing to cater to people whether they work from home, a cafe, the office, or potentially anywhere in the world. Technology calls for a demand of intelligent and dynamic space planning strategies. 

Activity-based offices 

U.S. and Canadian office firms are upfront in creating activity-based offices according to a recent survey. Activity-based offices increase creativity, productivity, and collaboration. As a flexible office design, it gives your employees workspace options. Activity-based office design is creating an office that enhances efficiency. The traditional erogenous office design has shifted towards collaboration and productivity too by including a flexible office design. 

Final Thought 

Remarkably, office design has changed considerably over the past ten years and will continue to do so with the adaptation of remote work. Technology is enabling a wave of remote work. As a result, “flexible workplaces” are becoming the new normal and your business must create or redesign their space to fit the new era. 

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