Does your workplace have dead spaces in its floor plan? Find out how to transform them into useful areas with these office design tips.

The decision to redesign your office has a direct impact on the productivity of your employees. Unfortunately, most employers and designers focus on a conventional makeover when redesigning office spaces by including cubicles, meeting rooms, and open areas depending on the need at hand.

Allocating every employee a specific workstation may not help them achieve much and that is why opting for a dynamic work environment is a wise idea. Unconventional workspaces that encourage innovation while offering versatility are currently on the rise and adopting such an office design promotes success in a competitive business environment.

Here is some insight on how you can transform dead office spaces by embracing a unique design for your establishment.

File Storage Room Reconfiguration

We are living in the digital age where most of the information we require is available online. The implication, in this case, is that maintaining paper records and filing cabinets will no longer be applicable in some situations. For instance, retaining the paperwork you need for tax purposes only and moving all other documents to the cloud will save on space and cost as well.

Business owners who have most of their information online eliminate the need for a file storage room and they can reconfigure such spaces to make them functional for their workers.

Eliminate Secluded Rooms

As you redesign your office, you need to consider future growth, which implies that the number of workers will increase as well. If your current office layout includes individual offices, it means that as your company grows some rooms may remain as dead spaces.

The existence of small empty rooms within your organization adds to the operating expenses of your enterprise and transforming such areas into meaningful use is critical.

Maximizing available spaces is an approach that can address the challenge of dead areas in most firms, and that is possible by switching to an open office concept. Creating more room for collaboration at the workplace rather than allocating employees individual offices will also promote productivity as your company grows.

Invest in A Functional Break Room

Business owners may discover that some vacant space is still available as they plan the layout of their new office design in the initial stages. Adding a break room within your premises is a wise idea if you want to make an empty room functional. A break room offers an opportunity for employees to connect and hold various conversations as they work. Some of the considerations you should make if you are planning to set up a break room within your premises include;

  • Comfortable seats and a table that allows workers to relax and work.
  • Enough space to accommodate several groups at a go.
  • Such facilities as a high-tech gourmet coffee machine that saves your staff the inconvenience of rushing out to buy hot drinks from vendors.

Keeping most of your employees in-house during tea/coffee break and over the lunch hour allows them to allocate more time to their responsibilities and break rooms can serve this purpose accordingly.

Repurpose Corner Offices

It is quite unfortunate to discover that most firms reserve corner offices for executives and managers who spend most of their time in meetings as well as business expeditions. For that reason, corner offices remain idle, and that is a waste of what can become ample meeting spaces for your employees.

Since corner offices are well lit, and most of them open up to gorgeous views, repurposing such spaces if they are part of the dead areas in your office is advisable. Some of the ways you can transform corner rooms include making them “ideation rooms” for brainstorming and inspiration or conference rooms where workers hold weekly meetings.

Turning dead spaces into practical use is a concept that every business operator should consider adopting because of the benefits it avails. If you need more tips on office design ideas establishing unconventional workstations by transforming dead spaces, contact us today!