Ergonomics, Feng Shui, industrial, all are trendy decor schemes. But there is one design strategy that promises improved workplace safety and enhanced productivity. Instead of just functional, opt for people-centric office design. Here’s why you think about doing it.

Why It Matters

Decades of research by business management analysts have revealed 3 key workplace details that improve productivity and safety with the right approach:

  1. Collaboration: Engaging in a team effort is common in many workplaces. The right space makes working together easier and builds better relationships.
  2. Amenities: What is your break-room like? Does it foster relaxation? Do furnishings communicate to employees that the company cares? Provide access to the right amenities and enjoy the benefit of rejuvenated, more content employees.
  3. Nature Connection: Having access to natural lighting increases feelings of connectedness to nature. This improves the overall quality of employee well-being. In other words, the workplace shouldn’t feel like a prison enclosure that stifles creativity.

How To Do It

Here are some tips and ideas for a people-centric office design scheme that can achieve the 3 key workplace details above:

Collaborative Spaces

Comfortable seating with a bit of choice. In addition to a large conference table with ergonomically designed chairs, create an optional collaborative space. Add a sofa with a few plush chairs centered around a coffee table large enough to manage cups, files and even a few feet while team members brainstorm ideas. And all collaborative spaces need ease of access and function for all the electronic devices typically used in any business today.

Amenity Spaces

For employees, unplugging from the job temporarily may mean plugging in to a news brief. In other words, amenity spaces need more than a coffee maker and microwave. In a cozy corner of the employee dining area should be some comfortable seating with a television. Artwork should adorn the walls. Those walls should have a fresh coat of paint with a splash of color. And a coffee station should be well stocked with all the necessities so employees don’t have to drag cups and the like from home.

Channel Nature

A business needs to go further than just featuring artwork of nature or furnishings inspired by nature. Windows, windows, windows need to open up to the great outdoors. A break room becomes perfection when it has access to a patio. Don’t just go green with recycled copy paper. Scatter plants in key areas. Bring in a water feature. Green spaces and water are two elements that reduce stress and improve health.

Contact us to consult with a commercial design specialist. Our construction professionals have the expertise to update your office space to a more modern scheme that will deliver greater productivity through a more satisfied staff.