Are you planning an office renovation or even just a design refresh? Here’s what we’re predicting for office furniture trends this year.

It can be tempting to look at what’s in vogue for furniture design to plan how you want your office will look, but are these new trends actually helpful to your company, but serving a strategic purpose? Consider the following office furniture trends and the practical reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) incorporate them into your commercial renovation or office makeover in the New Year.

Furniture for Collaboration

Top employers who value their employees’ project time prioritize large tables, mobile chairs, and whiteboards that allow groups to spontaneously rearrange and begin a meeting. These kinds of furniture may be different from a traditional cubicle set-up, and are even a step beyond the open concept office, but most come equipped with features that allow them to be used for individuals as well as breakout sessions.

Consider, however, the impression your office needs to give to employees; if their work is best done individually without a lot of meetings, these office changes might not be for you.

More Plugs, More Screens

As more and more companies shift from desktop computers to laptops and tablets, furniture is now frequently offered with built-in outlets, USB ports, and other electronic connections. If you work in a field that is also very visual, a greater emphasis on large screen monitors or televisions can result.
These screens and plugs can make a space seem very tech-friendly, but the best bet for a company that doesn’t immediately need large flat screens is to ask their employees: do you experience the lack of wall plugs as a problem? Can you always find a place to charge your phone? If so, they may not need these new innovations, or may only need them in a particular section of the office.

Well-Being Touches Like Plants, Lighting and Couches

One major trend that seems to be continuing is toward a space that makes people feel “at home” in their office space. These kinds of touches can be very simple:

  • Area rugs
  • Easy-to-maintain plants
  • Soft lighting options like table lamps
  • End tables or coffee tables


Going a step further, try switching some of the more traditional office lounge furniture for comfortable and cozy couches, promoting an atmosphere of ease that gets creative workers ready for innovation.

Remaining true to your own needs is essential when evaluating the latest trends, but many trending furniture choices also contribute to the beauty and functionality of your office space. For more information on making office furniture choices in your best, most customized design, please contact us.