Planning for any major renovation? Here are some questions you need to ask when hiring a commercial contractor for your office renovation.

Planning for any major renovation takes a lot of preparation. You want to make sure it’s done right and in an appropriate time frame. One of the big steps you’ll have to take is hiring a contractor. A search through the phone book and internet will yield plenty of results. It’s hard to tell from one website or advertisement to another who the best candidates are. After awhile, they all start to look the same. Narrow down your list of options by asking a few questions. Here are a few you should be asking when hiring a commercial contractor for your office renovation.

 1. Do you have references and can I contact them? 

Being able to touch base with others who have used this contractor before and finding out about their experience can help to give you a feel for the kind of service they provide and their quality of work. You can also look them up online and search reviews from trusted sites.

 2. Are you insured? 

It’s important to find out if the contractor you’re potentially hiring carries insurance. They should have personal liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage coverage. If they do not carry the proper coverage, you could be held liable should injury or damage occur.

 3. What kind of experience do you have? 

You’ll want to make sure that they have experience in office renovation. You can take it one step further and ask to see before and after pictures of their work if available.

 4. How long will it take? 

Because this sort of renovation will affect your ability to work, you’ll want to know how quickly they are able to complete the project. Find out and compare the average amount of time different contractors give you.

 5. How much will it cost? 

Find out from each contractor what they charge and what the charges include. One thing to make sure that’s covered is the cost of permits. They are almost always required and are something your contractor should get before starting a project.

 6. When is payment due? 

Ask if money’s needed up front to secure their services. Confirm how much they need and when they require additional payments.

 7. Are you licensed? 

In most places, licensing is a requirement. Find out if the license is current for the contractor you are interviewing.

 8. Who will oversee the project? 

Find out if someone will be there supervising the project. If supervision is intermittent, ask what measures they take to ensure things are running smoothly and done well. For example, at Antham, we provide you with an in-house project manager and industry-savvy site supervisors.

Before you decide on a contractor for your office renovation, remember to ask these questions. They’ll help you to determine who’s qualified to do the job and who provides the best quality. For information about the services we provide, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!