Construction management can be a favourable alternative to the traditional construction process. Here’s a quick summary on how and why.

Construction projects are a large undertaking both financially and time-wise. The overall goal of any building project is quality work that is completed on time without going over budget. This sounds simple enough, but anyone who has engaged in a building project knows this is easier said than done.

One of the many options when approaching a commercial construction project is hiring a Construction Manager instead of a General Contractor. This model of construction management was designed as a favourable alternative to the traditional construction process. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of construction management and how this service can be beneficial to your next building project. 

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management is a form of project delivery characterized by collaboration between the Owner, Consultant(s) and a Construction Manager. Consultants, in this case could be an architect, interior designer, etc. The crux of construction management is that, instead of hiring a General Contractor, the Owner retains the services of a Construction Manager, who works in an advisory capacity

A Construction Manager’s Responsibilities

During the pre-construction phase, the Construction manager is responsible for:

  • Provide advice to the Owner (e.g. participation in the design process to ensure optimal economy and efficiency in the selection of materials, systems, construction methods and scheduling).
  • The hiring and management of subcontractors


Once construction commences, the Construction Manager oversees the building project, making sure projects are completed according to schedule and coordinating the work to be done. During this phase and the post-construction phase, the Construction Manager acts more like the General Contractor.

The role of the Construction Manager can also vary. Sometimes the Construction Manager acts only as a limited agent of the Owner, or they may act as a General Contractor, managing all subcontractors and suppliers. There are three distinct Construction Management methods of delivery:

  • Construction Management Contract – for Services
  • Construction Management Contract – for Services and Construction
  • Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner and Trade Contractor for Construction Management Projects

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Construction Manager?

A Construction Manager offers benefits to owners who do not have the time to manage every detail of the project but need a way to ensure the project is completed at the highest quality, on time, and for the lowest cost. Owners can have complete confidence that their Construction Manager has their best interest in mind at all times. They are not working for the subcontractors, architects, or designers. The Construction Manager negotiates the highest quality work at the best price possible for the owner. 

Working as a team, the Owner, Consultant(s) and the Construction Manager can achieve efficiencies in the areas of time, cost and constructability, particularly in the pre-construction phase of a project.

This process allows construction to commence earlier, without having to wait for the complete design. Subcontractors can perform certain construction work concurrently with the design of work scheduled to be performed later.

Who Should Use Construction Management Delivery?

Construction Management delivery contracts are not designed for small projects or clients with no construction building experience. They are best suited for projects where the construction value exceeds $1M and upward and for clients who are commercial construction experts.

Construction Management services are best suited for these types of clients:

  • Project Owners (end user wanting to build a small building) who are somewhat construction savvy and/or who have previous experience with construction projects;
  • Builders, developers, real estate speculators (who are building projects for the end user) who understand the benefits as well as the complexities of this contract delivery;
  • Large-scale architects, project managers, small building owners, builders, developers, real estate speculators.


Construction managers are experts in the field and can save owners both time and money with their services. With years of experience, Antham Construction offers the highest quality services when it comes to construction management. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your next building project!