What do patients want from you? It’s actually pretty straight-forward. Here’s a quick list of tips for improving your healthcare practice or dental clinic.

For the healthcare professional, some requirements are fairly straightforward. Most patients are going to want competent service provided by a trained healthcare professional. But what do you do if you want to go beyond the obvious and be truly excellent? Here is a summary of 3 things new patients want from their healthcare provider.

1. Good communication

Never underestimate the importance of a warm and friendly staff. Most people are, at least, mildly uncomfortable going to the doctor. A prompt new patient exam, postoperative phone calls and instructions, a clear explanation of all procedures, and a personable staff can go a long way towards easing that discomfort and making patients choose your practice over and over.

2. An up-to-date facility

Many people think having an up-to-date facility means building a whole new building, but that’s not necessarily true. Is your building grimy or not in the best repair? Do you have old paint, dated carpet, or a general old building smell? If you answered yes, it may be time for an office makeover. You might be surprised what can happen with an updated, fresh look.

3. Convenience

Convenient hours, convenient payment plans and practices, and a convenient location are all crucial to many patients. If your patients will have to take time off work or pull children out of school to see you, they’re far less likely to make the time for any medical appointment that isn’t an emergency. If a patient is going to have to jump through a dozen hoops to pay for your services, they’ll likely find a different doctor. Location isn’t always optional, but, if possible, try to place your office in a central location and make it easy to find. 

Investing in your internal efficiency and aesthetics can reap huge dividends. If investing in your patients means investing in an office makeover, contact us! We’d love to help make your office the best it can possibly be.