Solutions for under-performing employees might lie in some basic office design changes. Here are 3 tips for office design to increase productivity at work.

1.  Lighting: Bad lighting causes eyestrain that can lead to fatigue and irritability. Natural lighting is, of course, best. However, it is not uncommon for workspaces to have windowless rooms with no access to outdoor natural light. The right light fixtures, bulb types or lamps can solve lighting issues.

2. Colour Scheme: Did you know that the colour blue is scientifically proven to promote productivity? That’s because it is a low-wavelength color. It calms the mind allowing higher levels of concentration and focus on tasks. This results in higher levels of productivity

3. The Function Of Nature: Humans are biological lifeforms, not digital automatons. Nature has a therapeutic effect. Data from recent studies revealed that usage of sick days dropped by 19% when workers had greenery as part of their work environment. Just looking at images of natural scenery lowered the blood pressure of participants. Going “green” in the office can boost productivity.

Transform For Better Performance

It may sound like a labour intensive task to transform a working environment into a productivity oasis. But it’s actually much easier, quicker and more affordable than you think. Let skilled construction and design professionals, like Antham Construction, put their expertise into action and enjoy the benefits of:

  • New lighting that brightens up workspaces more effectively.
  • Enhanced lighting with cleaner, brighter ceilings.
  • Paint and wallpaper color schemes using the psychology of color to improve productivity.
  • Flooring, trim and cabinetry that integrate the natural element of wood.