Creating ‘experience-driven’spaces is an office design trend used to boost office morale and employee wellness by facilitating a creative work environment.

People often advise: “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Over the years, companies have seen the wisdom in those words, understanding that contented employees are dedicated, hard-working employees.

Crafting work environments that promote an interactive, holistic experience for the employee is predicted to be a developing trend in the new year.


Many office design trends are focused on fostering interpersonal engagement between co-workers. Open desks, lack of dividing walls or partitions, and furniture placement and angles designed to encourage employee eyelines to converge, are some design techniques that will no doubt become more and more prevalent.

The Theatre Comes to the Office

Some corporations promote morale-boosting experiences by either using multi-purpose rooms to stage theatrical and musical events, or designing a separate section entirely dedicated to that purpose. Events such as concerts, plays, movie showings, and even in-house talent shows, can increase employee satisfaction and engagement by a significant margin.

Going for a Walk

Several corporate headquarters around the world have incorporated walking or jogging trails into their office design. Whether it’s a looped indoor space that allows employees to take a break from sitting for a bit, or outdoor wooded trails that offer the chance for some fresh air, incorporating elements of ambulatory design into the office can lead to an enhanced workplace experience.

Game On!

With Millennials and Generation Z continuing to flow into the workforce, gaming rooms and arcades are becoming more and more popular on corporate campuses. Some organizations separate video game rooms from traditional gaming rooms, with pool tables and the like, while others may opt to combine the two design concepts into a single area.

Designing an office space that focuses on experience, and that truly promotes your employees’ contentment and loyalty, is not without its challenges. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. At Antham Construction, we have the knowledge, experience, and intuition you need to craft an experience-driven work environment for your employees. Contact us today for more information.