What is a huddle room? Learn how they help resolve open concept space issues when incorporated into your office design.

Open concept offices have been a popular design choice for some time now. One issue that lingers with its detractors, though, is its lack of privacy and enclosed meeting spaces. A solution that many are starting to embrace is the addition of ‘huddle rooms’ to the open concept office design. But what is a huddle room? How does it help resolve open concept space issues? What benefits are there to adding huddle rooms to the office design? 

What is a ‘Huddle Room’?

In an open concept office design, a huddle room is a smaller and more intimate spot where smaller teams can gather for meetings, presentations, or group brainstorming sessions. It can also function as a quiet place to work when employees need to get away from noisy open space.

How Can a Huddle Room Help Resolve Open Concept Space Problems?

The lack of quiet, private work and meeting spaces is one of the biggest critiques about open concept office designs. Huddle rooms help to create more of those spaces so individual employees and teams can break away from the rest of the floor in order to complete whatever project they might be working on. Having this type of space available fosters a more productive working environment.

What Benefits are here to Incorporating a Huddle Room Into Office Design? 

There are many benefits to adding huddle rooms into your open concept office design to list in one post, but here are five of the biggest ones:

  • Huddle rooms help you better utilize spaces in the office that might go unused otherwise.
  • Huddles rooms cost less to set up and equip than larger gathering areas, which makes them a budget-friendly meeting space option.
  • Huddle rooms give your employees privacy and quiet spaces for smaller group collaborations.
  • Huddle rooms do not have to be booked in advance, so they allow smaller groups to break away for collaboration sessions at a moment’s notice.
  • Huddle rooms are smaller, and the size can help your remote workers feel more included during video conferencing sessions.

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