When it comes to office design trends,  an “old meets new” approach to office design can yield dynamic results.

The writer Stephen King once said: “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” That is certainly true in the world of office design trends. More and more, we are seeing postmodern concepts integrated into old environments, with dynamic results. What are some examples of this rich collaboration between the old and the new?

  • Old, neglected buildings like warehouses and fishing yards are being repurposed as new age office buildings, enhanced with the distinct gravitas of the past. In large construction projects, there will often be new structures erected on top of the older buildings. For lower scale remodels, sleek, trendy furniture serves as a fun counterpoint to sturdy brick walls and more traditional working spaces.


  • Glass and metal compliment the old-style wood and brick. For instance, offices with the outline of traditional brick walls and wooden bookcases are supplemented with glass tables and metal desks, which makes the environment pop that much more.


  • Even abstract carpet or wallpaper patterns can provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to stilted office spaces. Non-traditional paint colors that skillfully accent adjacent walls can be juxtaposed with more typical elements of office design.


  • Updating work spaces with modern furniture can be a huge boost to the office’s appeal. Even a tastefully selected mixture of old style and new age furniture can give an extra aesthetic punch to the ambiance.


  • And of course sleek, new office equipment, housed in vintage surroundings, can add a nice touch for your office.


In office design trends, just about everything comes in cycles. We are seeing old become new again, right before our eyes; and the results are colorful, dynamic, and pleasing to the eye. In the upcoming year, these trends will continue to expand in creativity and appeal. If you are looking to rethink your office design concept, contact us at Antham Construction today. We can help old meet new, to the delight of your employees and customers alike.